Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

Gateway International LLC is an approved Custom House Broker and we handle and clear your shipments with the U.S Customs. We handle Pharma, Garments, Textiles, Engineering Goods, Chemicals, Plastic Goods, Handicrafts, Marine Products, Food Products including Indian Food Products and a host of other items.

Complete the Online Power of Attorney Forms and submit to us

    Documents Required

    ISF Documents

    Commercial Invoice

    Bill of Lading

    Bond Details

    Submit your Documents and Requests

    Documents Required:

    • ISF Documents ( must be submitted before cargo sails from foreign Port )
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Bill of Lading
    • Bond Details
    • Permits / PGAs may be required, and our team will revert on this with additional information.

    After we received all the information our team will work on this and revert with all further information and documents that may be required. Our team will process your documents and provide you with detailed information on the status of Customs Clearance and keep track of your shipments from Origin to Destination.


    Our team will request for payment for the following:

    • Duties
    • Bond Fees for Single Entry Bond (if you do not have continuous bond)
    • Brokerage Fee
    • Freight and Warehouse Payments if any
    • Other Ancillary Charges like Trucking and Door Move charges if requested.
    Payments must be made online to our bank, details will be provided to you by our team.

    Release of Goods:

    Goods will be released immediately on completion of Customs process and will be door delivered upon requests.

    Costs :

    Custom Broker Fees and Costs Approximate
    Brokerage Fees Usd 125 Per Shipment
    ISF Filling : $35.00 USD
    ISF Bond (If required): $125.00 USD
    Merchandise processing fee: 0.3464% (Min. $26.79 | Max $519.76)
    Harbor Maintenance: 0.125%
    PGA (If required): $35.00 USD
    Prior Notice (If Required): $35.00 USD
    Disbursement: 5% of Duty, MPF, & all payables
    Payment of freight/warehouse: $25.00 + disbursement
    Additional Lines : Over 5 Lines Usd 5 per Extra Item.
    Single-Entry Bond : $8.00 USD per $1,000.00 USD value of shipment. (Min. $40.00) + $35.00 Prep.